Where to find the Best Web Hosting in Perth

Own a business in Perth? Need web hosting from a reliable hosting co? Perth is where you should look for it, and ManeCloud is based here – offering Australian servers.

You probably already know you need a quality business website, but did you know that choosing an excellent hosting co. is almost as important as building that website? And if you want to give your Perth-based business the best chance of success, you need an excellent Perth-based hosting company to support you.

Why It’s Important to Host Locally

There are some good reasons why you should always host locally:

  • Less downtime. When something goes wrong with a major international hosting co., it can take some time to get a crew on the problem and even longer to find where the problem is located. There’s a whole chain of command to go through, and annoying ticketing systems get in your way. With a local company, the response is almost immediate.
  • Faster load times. The further your website’s data travels to reach someone, the longer it will take to load. There’s nothing customers hate more than long load times, and with a local hosting company, the customers who are searching for you will be loading your website nice and quick.
  • With a local host like ManeCloud, you get responsive, personalized service. You see, a local host has fewer customers and more time and attention to pay to each of them. It can respond very quickly to customer needs and concerns. Smaller hosting companies are willing to work with their customers to develop personalized solutions.

Don’t Get Drawn into the American Hosting Co. Quagmire

It’s tempting to go with one of the major American hosting companies. After all, they’re a known quantity, and many other businesses seem satisfied with them. However, that would be settling for second best. Because those companies dominate the market, they know they can get away with higher web hosting costs. In addition, because their servers are often actually hosted in America, of course, this drastically increases website load time for Australians as well.

Big, overseas web hosts also tend to have their own proprietary control panels to stand out from the competition. Great for their bottom line, but not for the consumer.

A proprietry visual design means it’s harder to find the controls you need as a customer. These control panels have steep learning curves and tend to confuse the whole process.

Avoid Confusion and Hassle by Going with the Industry Standard

Instead, it’s much better to go with the industry standard cPanel. People know it, are used to it and find it reasonably simple to operate. That’s why ManeCloud offers good old cPanel, along with other panels and panel-less hosting, to manage web hosting, without any nonsense, just as it should be.

Need a great Hosting Co.? Consider ManeCloud

Australian businesses need to get their hosting services from one of the top web hosting companies Australia offers. ManeCloud offers low web hosting costs, an industry-standard interface, and fast, responsive customer service.

Have an existing WordPress website? We’ll give you a free migration with your new hosting plan, for any plan (as long as the plan fits your website!). If you’d like to find out what we can do as a hosting company, for your Perth-based business, go ahead and…

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